Brian Walsh Hurleys and Sports are a leading Distributor for Cooper Hurling Helmets since 2007. We Stock both the SK100 and SK109.

The Cooper SK 100 Helmet stumbled upon the Hurling world in the 1960’s and to this day is seen as the market leader by hurlers all over Ireland. Many people have their views as to why the helmet is so popular but all would agree that the comfort of the helmet is one reason it has lasted the test of time. We refer to this as ‘The Perfect Fit’ – every head is a different shape and size, therefore to get a perfect fit you must have an adjustable helmet, the Cooper SK 100

 has 9 different adjusting positions and that’s only the junior helmet, the adult helmet will have a further 9 different adjusting positions, this makes the Cooper hurling helmet the most versatile and best fitting helmet on the market, an absolute necessity when choosing any protective item.